National Ad Campaign Giveaway

We are looking to give away 100 Hinge Hangers to promote leading professional organizers, designers and decorators from around the country. Simply order your free Hinge Hanger by completing the form here. We will email you instructions on how to receive your Hinge Hanger via mail. One Hinge Hanger per person. You are responsible for paying for […]


There is something exciting happening in Reno, one of our own is launching a Kickstarter campaign! Reno local Bill Atalla has invented an innovative product designed to create storage space by using the area behind your doors. Storage space is an issue in most homes, there just isn’t enough! We end up piling things on […]

10th Annual Response Expo in San Diego, CA

Hinge Hanger was displayed at the 10th Annual Response Expo in San Diego, CA. It was another great opportunity to present the Hinge Hanger and its new accessory line to interested buyers. We received a great response, and were among the few specially invited to present to the professionals. The panel of experts not only […]

Hinge Hanger Plus Makes Debut at International Home + Housewares Show

Hinge Hanger Plus made its debut at the 2016 International Home + Housewares show in Chicago, Illinois in March. The product was featured in the Inventors Corner and presented to QVC and the Buyers Panel, all with great results. The show features the latest innovations in home and housewares and offers a place for exhibitors […]

Introducing: Hinge Hanger

We are proud to introduce to you, Hinge Hanger Plus! Our practical and effective space-saving product will change the way you look at storage. Through extensive testing on doors, hinges and finishes; we think we’ve developed the perfect product to create space behind doors. Order yours today!